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1st Place, Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip Sandwiches


BBQ Catering in California

Our BBQ catering and theme catering began by competing in California BBQ competitons. We are very proud of our achievements made at these competitions. Not only have we proven to be an award winning team in BBQ, but we have made a name for ourselves in the "anything but" categories that some competitions have.

The "Anything But" category can be anything cooked over wood, charcoal or gas and cannot be meats prepared in the same style as the regular competition meat categories of chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder and beef brisket. In our last competition, which featured three anything but categories, The Pit Stop BBQ swept all three categories earning us four trophies and cash prizes!

Although we are located in Los Angeles area, we travel throughout much of the state of California vending and catering. While our vending is primarily BBQ, we love to cater our award-winning meats, poultry, and seafoods as well as our BBQ dishes. If you looking for strictly BBQ items, check out our BBQ Menu.

Click on the pictures to see some of our 1st place creations!

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1st Place, Party Steaks Served over Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes


1st Place, Herb Roasted Chicken


1st Place, Sweet Potato Shrimp Tempura