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Three Pack Fund RaisingHere are the members of the Three Pack Funds fund raising team.

Jill Bodette
My name is Jill Bodette. I have lived in Southern California most my life. My love of animals goes back to toddler years, always having cats and dogs as part of our family. Most of my adult life, I have donated and volunteered for various animal groups with a desire to do more. I work with Amelia and Cayla at the Capital Grille in Costa Mesa, CA. I invited them to help me create a small team to do some big things. . . Hence, 3 Pack Funds was born.

Amelia Dennison
My name is Amelia Dennison. I've lived in SoCal for almost 7 years now, and, before that, I was raised and lived in Sacramento. I have always been passionate in helping others, which includes animals. There is something so innocent and pure about animals which is why I want to try to make a difference in their lives. I have always rescued the cats and dogs that have been in my life but with the inspiration of friends I want to do more! I do believe if you help just one you are making a difference but our goal is much more than that! I'm excited to see what we can do!

Valeri Kimball
I'm Valerie Kimball, an avid dog lover. I work in both education and hospitality. I have a Bachelor's degree in History and a single-subject teaching credential in Social Science. You can also find me pouring a cocktail at The Capital Grille. Public service is near and dear to my heart. My inspiration for joining this charity is my little dog Maddie. Maddie is a seven year old brown-dapple doxie with a big personality. Maddie loves making friends on our walks and she is notorious for doing the "kangaroo." Every dog deserves to have a forever-home and feel loved and that is our purpose with 3 Pack Funds.

Cayla Sugimoto
My name is Cayla Sugimoto. Growing up we never had dogs because we had so many kids in the family. I have always loved dogs and felt a connection to them. Once I became an adult and could make the decision to have a dog of my own, I did!!! I rescued my first as a puppy and loved him to peices. My second adoptions was also a rescue, a little older than my first, but still the same love! I feel that rescue pets know that we have saved them and are the most loving creatures!!

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